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Photo Manipulations of a Building by Victor Enrich
Glenn Murcutt : Architecture for Place 

#85 Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Let’s face it, things don’t always work out as we planned them to. With each new project there are expectations we have going into them and the outcome doesn’t always pan out how we wanted. For some of us, things never seem to work out right.
Never catching a break sucks, but most of the time it is our perception of the future that gets us into this lack of confidence and "unlucky rut".
Instead of “Hoping for the best” and "Preparing for the worst" we usually do the opposite. We preach that the worst is going to happen then do nothing to prepare for it.
Keep a positive outlook for the future and do your best to be as prepared as possible. Usually the people who do the best in studio are the ones less worried about grades, and what their peers think, and what their teacher thinks, and just does work in preparation for any curve ball that may come their way.  
Be that person!
Get out of your own head and get positive. I have been getting a lot of doubtful messages with people thinking they are not good enough, or not strong enough, or not as good as other people.
Forget about that, because at the end of the day, you could be the shittiest person in the room…
But what about 10 days from now?
Then 10 weeks after that.
Then 10 months after that.
Sometimes greatness takes time and you havent found your place yet. So worry less about what is "not going to work" out for you and think more about your task at hand.
Ask yourself questions in this format:
Example Question About Your Project: 
Is the craft of my work the best it can be.
#1 YES. = Move On.
#2 NO. = What can I do to fix it? 
#2a - Find alternative methods
#2b - Experiment with alternatives.
#2c - Make conclusions.
#2d - Ask the question again.
If you rep the problematic issues of your project like this you will be more successful in finding more ways to prepare yourself for the future. So hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always be proactive both physically and mentally. 
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